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Dec 22nd , 2009

Richmond, VA

Richmond musician Meade Skelton thought his reaction to news of the sale of Ukrop's fit perfectly with Michael Bolton's version of Laura Branigan's hit song "How Am I Supposed To Live Without You". The result is the video and song "How Am I Supposed To Live Without Ukrop's", which is being shared across Facebook and getting lots of comments on Twitter.

The rewritten lyrics bemoan how Skelton will miss Ukrop's bakery, sweet tea, Cafes and policy of being closed on Sunday's. Skelton says he figures he will be asked to perform the song in public and he'll be fine with that.

"His new single, 'My Loudoun County Home,' is a lyrical stroll down memory lane, recalling and reminiscing about people, places, and events of importance in Skelton's life. There is a bittersweet combination of love and sadness in his words. Truly, Skelton's voice brings this song to life. His voice is clear and crisp; clearly he has been classically trained. And yet this training has not affected his ability to sing with the sort of emotion that one cannot be trained to project. His vocals have a soaring quality that conjure John Denver at his best."

-Lap Top Sessions Reviews

"Meade has the potential to be the best thing that has ever come out of Richmond, Virginia."

-Robert Stutler Richmond Music Journal

"At times, Meade sounds like Dwight Yoakam at a Roy Orbison Tribute, yet he still has his own unique way with a phrase."

-Bob Brent, Country Standard Time

"Meade Skelton has a talent and a voice that belie his years. Of the 12 songs on this album, 9 are original, and they're written in that persuasive style all good country songs are."

-April May, Punchline Magazine

"The guy has some killer tunes up his sleeve, and he can really wail on the keys."

-The Little Grill Collective, Harrisonburg, Virginia