Meade Skelton Music
Meade Skelton Music

Meade's Influences:

Various Artists have influenced Meade over the years, whether conscious or subconscious. Some artists you may hear spinning on his turntable: Elvis Presley, Patsy Cline, Johnny Cash, Leon Redbone, Elton John, The Mavericks, John Denver, The Blind Slye Twins, Buck Gooter, Marty Robbins, as well as sweet music from church.

Please enjoy some select short clips from Meade's CD's.

They Can't Keep Me Down (2003)

  1. Proud To Be A Square
  2. They Can't Keep Me Down
  3. I Love To Eat (And It Shows)
  4. They Called Me Porker
  5. Rusty Barbed Wire Dream
  6. Down Like A Rock
  7. Beautiful Lady
  8. Don't Rock This Boat
  9. Your Old Hay
  10. Its Hard To Love Yourself (When Everybody Hates You)
  11. Don't Give Up On Me
  12. What's So Great About Rock N' Roll
  13. Hello God

Songs of Love (2005)

  1. True Love
  2. Nicole, Will You Marry Me?
  3. That's My Desire
  4. Fly Me To The Moon
  5. My Funny Valentine
  6. Sea Of Love
  7. I Think We Are In Love
  8. Heartaches
  9. Your Song
  10. Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?

My Loudoun County Home (2008)

  1. My Loudoun County Home
  2. Moved By The Spirit

Available on CD and 7" Vinyl

From the Outside Looking In (2009)

  1. From the Outside Looking In
  2. Sweet Tea

Available on CD and 7" Vinyl